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Badger Surveys in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire

Greenwillows Associates have been utilising night vision trail cameras in our badger survey work across Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire this last month. We have captured fantastic footage of setts with a few surprise visitors frequenting the area too!  Using motion sensitive, night vision cameras in our badger survey work allows us to record and document badgers with minimum disturbance.

We are also able to quite literally get a picture of how the badgers are using the locale for foraging and breeding which our clients are able to use in relation to planning applications.

Once the footage and other badger survey data is collected, our ecologists collate the evidence and write the report for the client.

To further understand why a badger survey is important, please see our website pages on protected species surveys.  Although based in Cambridgeshire, we also offer badger surveys across Essex, Norfolk, London, the South East and nationally.


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